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Innovative, Disruptive, Revolutionary
Soluco The Solutions Company.



Digital innovation

Our aim isn’t just to marginally improve the buying process of financial services; but is to radically redesign the experience by leveraging the power of technology and setting the benchmark for 21st century tech.

Will writing

Simple, efficient and affordable solution to online estate planning. Simpwill.

Life insurance

Innovative solution to source and select your family’s personal protection needs online.

Mortgage services

Full digital mortgage application with access to free advice from our home buying experts

General insurance

Vehicle, travel, home and contents insurance from the UK’s leading insurance providers.

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Corporate Social Responsibility 


Reducing carbon footprint

Soluco is an innovative company built on technology and software. We actively do our best to protect the environment by consciously minimising our carbon footprint. Eradicating the use of fleet vehicles and natural gases to heat our office space we make use of 100% renewable energy providers and active light management systems. We prioritise video and telephone communications to actively reduce business travel wherever possible.

Embracing diversity

Soluco embraces equality and diversity not only throughout their employment efforts but also their valued customer base. We actively handpick suppliers and contractors who also align with our values and ethos ensuring that our supply chain management is strategic to the business.

Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, religion or sexuality Soluco promises to implement equal opportunity, challenge prejudice and disadvantage. We actively promote and acknowledge the importance of diversity at the heart of everything we do.

Reducing energy consumption

We are committed to reviewing our energy efficiency regularly, adapting elements wherever possible to ensure we maintain sustainable workplaces enabling us to deliver our products and services in the most efficient way possible.

Volunteering and charitable giving

We pride ourselves on ‘Giving back to the community’. We promise to support a variety of causes close to our teams’ heart and vow to make the greatest impact possible as part of our corporate social responsibility. We welcome local businesses and people alike looking for support or help, financially or physically to contact us for consideration.

Soluco Digital Solutions

Liif Powered by Soluco

Revolutionising the Protection Industry

Simply put, life insurance is designed to pay out when you die, so the way you purchase insurance shouldn’t be misleading, confusing, nor should it be longwinded and stressful. We decided to make it much easier to purchase peace of mind and protect your financial future should the worst happen. 5 simple questions, no medical examinations and exceptionally competitive prices in one simple and straightforward application completed in no more than five minutes.

Homely Powered by Soluco

Cutting Edge Mortgage Technology

With the use of innovative technology Homely aims to not only improve antiquated processes surrounding residential home buying and investment properties, but our real target is to radically shake up and revolutionise the industry by leveraging the power of technology and embedding 21st century tech to provide a seamless service to our customers.

Simpwill Powered by Soluco

Will Writing Made Simple

Cutting edge technology designed to take a normally tedious process and deliver a streamlined, cost effective will writing solution all embedded within a simple digital platform, completed in under 15 minutes. Removing costly solicitor fees Simpwill introduces innovative additions such as, ‘Simpwills’ Estate Update’ feature, designed to allow you to adapt your will in line with changes in circumstances at the click of a button.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

- Albert Einstein


Soluco, Accelerating Digital Transformation

Created to revolutionise the financial services industry, driving innovative technology to the forefront of the sector.

At Soluco our intention doesn’t stop with improving the way we sell our services; it’s our aim to consistently disrupt traditional methods and pave the way for a digital future.

By leveraging the power of technology, our industry leading proposition allows consumers to access a one stop shop for all family financial securities.

Homely, radically shaking up the residential home and investment property buying process.

Simpwill, redesigning the blueprint of estate planning, simplifying processes with the use of 21st century technology.

Life, simple and straightforward digital life insurance application completed in under five minutes.

Disrupting the norm and utilising innovative tech to enable consumers to access efficient and affordable financial solutions.


  • Disrupting traditional methods
  • Revolutionise the buying process
  • Pursuing a simpler future
  • Embracing collaboration
  • FinTech eco system


  • Digital Life insurance application
  • Online home buying process
  • One click will writing journey
  • Industry leading digital partners
  • 21st century technology

Family Securities

  • Simplified visibility
  • Jargon free knowledge
  • Efficient, digital journey
  • Affordable premiums, free advice
  • Peace of mind – one click away

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